3/4 wheeler pushchairs are a type of pushchair with three or four wheels. They are often more maneuverable and versatile than traditional four-wheeled pushchairs, making them a good choice for active parents and families who enjoy spending time outdoors.

    Maneuverability: 3/4 wheeler pushchairs are generally more maneuverable than four-wheeled pushchairs, making them easier to steer and navigate in tight spaces. This is especially beneficial for parents who live in urban areas or who frequently visit crowded places.
    Versatility: 3/4 wheeler pushchairs are often more versatile than four-wheeled pushchairs, as they are better suited for handling a variety of terrain. Some 3/4 wheeler pushchairs are even designed for off-road use.
    Suspension: 3/4 wheeler pushchairs often have better suspension than four-wheeled pushchairs, which can provide a smoother ride for your child over bumpy terrain
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