About Us

About US

I started this site with my family helps. When I first decided to do my won business, I was not sure that it would be a globally  at all, and I really began to think that I must having my own business supported by my own designs in graphic design and fashion design, So I create MISHA to be the officially Brand Sales.


Why I Choose MISHA Name?

MISHA Inspired by my personal name and fashion business only. It is a name that has been co-sponsored by me and my cousin's daughter together. This name makes sense to me as it includes all the characters that make up my family names and work name in fashion design. So it is my constant personal inspiration.



It is not just a fashion design brand. It is a complete shop for selling brands too. I am not only accustomed to famous brands but always looking at new or good priced brands at some times which are of high quality and worth selling.

So you are here not to ever look for global brands, which are usually cost prohibitively expensive, but also you are looking for excellent quality, elegant shape and next to good price.

Here you will feel absolutely safe when you buy, you will not be afraid to try to return the item, because you will be very happy with the content you have purchased it is sure to be, high quality, color is ideal as in the pictures. easy to use. Suitable for your personal needs. In addition, you will not have to search for the same products in other applications because in short you will buy them at a discount from other stores.


Your Won Design With Misha ..!

We are very different from other stores, we will not only offer you products or brands. We will also provide you with new graphics for new designs that you would like to purchase and try. We will do the design work only with high quality fabrics and under the hands of perfect tailors, and will reflect on your own design, which will not be the same in the world at a suitable price for the size of the required piece and cost in the country where I live.

Designs options:

We are in the world of detail we design:

  • Women's clothing (all kinds)
  • Dresses (all kinds)
  • Wedding Dresses (All Kinds)
  • Handicrafts in winter clothes (men \ women \ children)